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Behind the scenes at clycbird: #DYI video shoot

of Dominic Müller – 6.10.2023

Behind the scenes at clycbird: #DYI video shoot
Startup life often involves creative improvisation and a fair amount of enthusiasm. At clycbird, we recently lived out such a creative streak when we decided to shoot our own videos entirely startup-style in co-founder Dominic's flat. The result? Numerous short videos to serve as advertisements for customer acquisition.

Our co-founder Dominic's flat was carefully transformed into a filming location. Two professional lamps played a crucial role in ensuring the optimal light. In addition, we used a high-quality microphone for the sound recording. From the beginning, we were aware that when we shoot the videos ourselves, we have to and want to do it right. Because it is often these supposedly small details that significantly increase the quality of a video: light and sound.
To achieve the desired visual and acoustic effects, we also had to move some furniture or unceremoniously transform it into improvised tripods. This allowed us to set up a total of three different settings to skilfully capture different moods and scenes. In this way, we were able to ensure that our homemade videos were not only convincing in terms of content, but also visually different from each other.

Shooting the videos was not only a fun process, but also naturally one thing: cheap. Because as a still young start-up, we naturally save money wherever possible. We have learned how important it is to make the best use of our resources. DIY video production allowed us to achieve satisfying results without needing a big budget or expensive equipment.