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Customer loyalty: a success factor in times of digitalization

of Aaron Andenmatten – 12.03.2022

Customer loyalty: a success factor in times of digitalization

Nowadays, it is not only crucial to win new customers, but customer loyalty must also be strengthened to the same extent in order to be able to operate successfully in the long term. In the age of digitalization, products and offers can be compared with each other in a matter of minutes, increasing the risk that existing customers will switch to other products.

Consequently, acquiring new customers is just as promising as strengthening customer loyalty. Both aspects should be included in the course of an advertising strategy. This is the way to ensure economic success in the long term. It creates a good foundation for preventing sales losses. The following is therefore essential information that shows how customer loyalty can be strengthened.

Customer is king: a principle that still holds true today

A key factor that determines customer loyalty is customer satisfaction. In view of this, it is of elementary importance to offer a customer-oriented service. In the digital age, reviews can be left on portals, giving millions of users insight. This can be damaging to the image if companies are lenient when it comes to customer service.

Ideally, customers or guests are accompanied by good service throughout their stay. Hotel businesses, for example, can ask customers about satisfaction when the visit is over. If there is any inconvenience, it is possible to issue a discount voucher and much more. It will benefit the reputation and at the same time strengthen customer loyalty. A good customer focus will most likely ensure the success of a business.

Interact with existing and new customers

In addition to sales success, it is important to always stay in interaction with buyers. After all, many customers continue to compare prices and offers. Direct marketing makes it possible, for example, to stay in touch with existing customers in order to strengthen customer loyalty. Direct marketing can be done in a variety of ways. Flyers can be created and sent by post. Away from this, e-mails can be sent to inform about offers.

Hotel businesses have the advantage that they can contact existing customers on the one hand. On the other hand, direct marketing can be used to acquire new customers. In this respect, customer orientation is of particular relevance. Hotel companies should find out the needs and wishes of the target group in order to address the recipients in a needs-oriented manner.

clycbird: a strong partner, to strengthen customer loyalty

There are more than 200 ranking factors on Google that determine whether content is considered relevant or not. Consequently, nowadays competent contacts or service providers are needed to create effective advertising campaigns and content. With clycbird, hotel businesses have a professional and competent service provider to meet the challenges of the digital age. Thanks to clycbird, it is possible to save the company's own human resources. Through the delegation to a service provider, concepts can be worked out, taking into account the customer orientation.

Thereby, clycbird covers a wide range of offers when it comes to advertising campaigns. Whether email marketing, social media marketing or direct marketing, clycbird has adequate solutions for every requirement. Thus, companies can do something for new customer acquisition or strengthen customer loyalty.

USP and customer loyalty: What makes a company special?

Customers often associate a company with a certain lifestyle or values. Whether sustainability, innovation or product quality, these are factors that set a company apart from other competitors. That's why it's important, especially for small businesses, to have a USP. Unique selling propositions help in attracting new customers and strengthening customer loyalty. It is the responsibility of the company to decide which features to highlight.

For example, a hotel can focus on solar energy to place a mark on the environment. In this way, it is possible to address a specific target group. In addition, it makes the hotel special, so that it can be clearly distinguished from other houses. With special features, it is possible to improve the acquisition of new customers and at the same time improve customer loyalty. In addition to the USP, it is important to keep the customer orientation in focus.


Companies or hotel chains have a wide variety of offers when it comes to the realization of advertising campaigns. It is important to check in each individual case which method and strategy is adequate to achieve the company's goals. If necessary, companies can seek professional advice, for example from service providers such as clycbird. With the right approach, it is possible to make new customer acquisition more effective. In the same course, hotel and restaurant businesses can consolidate customer loyalty to reach new milestones as a company.

No matter which means and ways are targeted, it is important to keep customer orientation equally in focus. Customer orientation helps in locating the real interests and needs. After all, a good advertising campaign won't have much impact if it misses the interests of customers or guests.