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Do companies really need a digital marketing manager?

of Dominic Müller – 16.12.2022

Do companies really need a digital marketing manager?
As each company grows, the question arises: In which position do you hire, which areas do you expand and where do you still rely on external providers ? The question of whether a company should be present online is indispensable for us and we do not want to answer it in depth here, because we are clearly of the opinion: YES, a digital presence is a must for companies of today. What are the costs for a company to invest more resources in digital marketing?

High human resources

Of course, someone has to create, monitor, in the best case optimise and evaluate the digital ads. Ideally, this is done by an expert in the field, so that the optimal results can be achieved and the money is properly invested. Now, if you hire a marketeer, the first thing you will have to pay for is wages. According to the salary parameter of, such a person earns an average of CHF 85,000 per year. If we assume that you hire this person at a 60% rate, you will still pay around CHF 51,000 in gross salary costs.

Alternative to a permanent position? Outsourcing through an agency, of course. There are plenty of classic agencies with the right solutions in every major Swiss city. A simple Google search yields heaps of results with many different offers. Most of the agencies undoubtedly do an excellent job in terms of quality and trump with their expertise. But an agency also entails costs, time-consuming communication, little flexibility, spontaneity and a relatively high degree of dependency.

Often non-existent time resources

If you decide to take the reins into your own hands and set up your own digital communication, you will have to invest a lot of time. First of all, you have to familiarise yourself with the different platforms, and there are plenty of them: Meta with Facebook & Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter & TikTok are only the best known. Each network has its own way of offering advertising, which means there is a different system behind each platform. So you also have to figure out for yourself which platform makes sense for your business? And that's just the beginning. Each system is suitable for different target groups, needs differentiated content and a different tone of communication. Reading up on the subject and then implementing what you have learned takes a lot of time. And the result? Probably expandable. (no offense) 😉

That is why companies rely on clycbird

clycbird addresses exactly the points mentioned above. Companies working with clycbird do not need to specialise in the individual platforms, but have access to all platforms via the clycbird tool. Campaigns can simply be entered and are then automatically played out on the desired platforms. In addition, clycbird experts enter, monitor and optimise the campaigns for each platform and also report at the end. All this for a price depending on the package, which does not even correspond to a 20% workload of a digital marketing manager.

This is how easy it is for companies to gain access to all platforms, at an extremely fair price, with professionally implemented campaigns and a clearly structured overview of all campaigns in the clycbird dashboard. And best of all, your return on investment will thank you after a very short time.

Where's the catch? Out in the lake, because thanks to clycbird you now have time to fish.

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