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Do it yourself or outsource?
Why SMEs should outsource digital marketing

of Dominic Müller – 22.09.2023

Do it yourself or outsource?<br>Why SMEs should outsource digital marketing
The business world has changed dramatically in recent years, and Swiss companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), are no exception. In an increasingly digitalised world, a strong online presence is crucial to remain competitive. But digital marketing can be a complex and time-consuming task, often beyond the resources of SMEs. In this blog, we will discuss why it makes sense for SMEs to outsource their online marketing and how Clycbird is the optimal platform for this task.

Why should an SME outsource its online marketing?

Expert knowledge:

The world of online marketing is complex and constantly changing. To be successful, expertise and experience is required. When SMEs work with an experienced online marketing partner, they gain access to experts who have the necessary know-how. These experts can develop and implement effective campaigns to strengthen the company's online presence.

Time and resource efficiency:

Managing online marketing activities can be time-consuming and take up significant resources. These resources could be used for the core business instead. Outsourcing online marketing allows SMEs to focus on their strengths and leave the complex marketing activities to a specialist. This allows them to use their time and resources more efficiently.

Cost efficiency:

Managing online marketing in-house can be costly. This is especially true when specially trained staff need to be hired and expensive technology needs to be purchased. By outsourcing online marketing, SMEs can better control and flexibly adjust costs. They only pay for the services they actually need and have the possibility to adjust their budget according to their needs.

Overall, outsourcing online marketing offers SMEs the opportunity to benefit from expert knowledge, use time and resources more efficiently and better control costs.

Why is Clycbird the ideal platform for SMEs?

Clycbird is an online marketing platform that specialises in programming online campaigns on the Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn and Google platforms.

Why clycbird is the ideal choice for SMEs:

Easy campaign management: clycbird offers a user-friendly platform that allows SMEs to launch and manage online campaigns effortlessly. You don't need any technical expertise to get started.

Comprehensive overview: Clycbird customers have an accurate overview of all their online campaigns. From ad previews to campaign reporting to invoices and more, everything is in one central location. This transparency is crucial to monitor the success of campaigns and control spend.

Online marketing is crucial for SMEs to succeed in today's business world. Outsourcing these tasks offers numerous benefits, including expertise, efficiency and cost control. Clycbird provides the ideal platform to outsource online marketing easily and effectively. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive overview of all campaigns, businesses can successfully operate and grow in the digital age. If you are looking for a solution to optimise your online marketing, Clycbird is the ideal partner. Discover the possibilities and increase your online presence with Clycbird by your side.