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Easter is approaching - are you ready?

of Céline Clément – 20.03.2022

Easter is approaching - are you ready?

Easter is approaching - Is the Easter package already online?

It's that time of year again when one public holiday follows the next. Many people use these days off to extend the weekend and book short holidays. Also, with spring approaching, one may say that many people are waking up from their winter sleep. Hotels are also ready to shine once again for their guests just before the mid-season.

The booking month before Easter

It is a well-known fact that guests inform themselves in March about possible excursions, wellness weekends and perhaps even the first hiking days. In today's age of digitalisation, a large percentage of this happens directly via the internet - the best friend of homo digitalis. With a quick flick of the wrist on the mobile phone, the desired destination or type of travel is searched for on Google using keywords. The result is usually unmanageable for the guest - for example, 90,400 results appear if you search for "wellness hotel Valais". It is therefore all the more important to be visible as a hotel and to stand out from the crowd so that potential customer groups also become aware of you. Equally important are good reviews on the various portals. A study by Allianz Partner in 2019 shows that half of the Swiss population decides where and to which hotel they travel based on reviews. So visibility and good reviews are among the most important features when it comes to digital marketing. But how do you get more visibility and noticeable reviews?

The open secret

The key lies in the distribution of digital advertisements and their passwords, which are programmed in the background on the internet on platforms such as Google and the popular social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. With these passwords, the ads can be placed specifically on the internet and thus contribute a great deal to more visibility. In this way, advertisements, for example the promotion of a special Easter package, will pop up more quickly with the customer. At the same time, this makes it easier for the guest who wants to leave a great review to find the corresponding hotel.

Get started straight away - with clycbird it's quick and easy!

  • You have a special package for Easter ready and now want to spread it around to generate bookings? clycbird offers you the possibility to set up a small fine campaign. Within a few days the ads are live and will be placed by us accordingly.

  • Or do you want to continuously attract potential guests to your hotel? Then a digital background noise is essential, which increases your visibility on various channels and platforms and improves your reach in the long term.

  • If you have an event at the hotel that is also accessible to the local population, this can be promoted with the help of a digital advertising campaign. We help you to ensure that this advertising is published regionally and addresses the local customer group in a targeted manner.