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Five digital marketing must-haves for hotel businesses

of Aaron Andenmatten – 15.02.2022

Five digital marketing must-haves for hotel businesses

Digitization has swept all industries, and there's no break in the trend in sight. Processes are being digitized, which significantly increases the efficiency of companies. It's not just industries like the hotel industry that have changed in the wake of digitization. The behavior of potential customers is also under the influence of digitization. Potential guests primarily obtain information via digital media when they are looking for a company or hotel. Online search platforms in particular have had a lasting impact on the usage behavior of guests.

Consequently, digital marketing plays an essential role when it comes to winning over guests. It is important in order to be able to hold one's own in the market. Considering the competitive pressure, it is significant to keep up with other companies in order to remain competitive. Therefore, what follows is an overview of which five digital marketing strategies can help with acquisition.

Digital marketing: five strategies that build a solid foundation for success

1. Meta-Search-Marketing

The advantage of meta-search marketing is that big leaps can be made with a small financial investment. Therefore, it is a unique opportunity to promote your own hotel in a targeted manner. As mentioned at the beginning, search platforms have noticeably influenced user behavior. With meta-search marketing, new milestones can be reached to expand one's own reach.

With search portals, such as Trivago or TripAdvisor, it is possible to effectively promote one's own company. Meta search engines are particularly popular with users because there is no exchange of data between prospective customers and the portal. As a result, accommodation providers can place their offers on metasearch engines to attract new customers.

2. Social Media Marketing

Numerous groups from various industries have established themselves on social networks. This is because it is precisely here that customers can be recruited in a targeted manner, which benefits the reach. Furthermore, companies have the advantage that customers recommend the products via the social networks. Vacations in particular are about emotions and balance. Hotel chains can use the AIDA concept to successfully market offers on social platforms.

AIDA stands for: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Hotels can enter into social interaction with potential customers. There are various opportunities to advertise their own products or offers. Videos of the location can be posted, new offers can be made public and much more.

3. E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is simple and effective at the same time. Because nowadays it is not only important to win new customers. Companies or hotel chains should also ensure that customer loyalty is strengthened. Otherwise, there is a risk that existing customers will fall back on other offers. Through e-mail marketing, companies can remain in the customer's memory. Through regular information and offers sent via e-mail, it is possible to stay in contact continuously.

In the long run, email marketing will strengthen customer loyalty and also expand the company's reach. A hotel benefits in two ways, because on the one hand new customers can be won and on the other hand existing customers are provided with daily information.

4. Seasonal Marketing

For a hotel, seasonal marketing plays a substantial role to a special degree. The demand for certain offers depends on the season. Consequently, it is significant to adjust digital marketing according to the current demand. Offers should be designed effectively, taking into account the respective season. In this way, revenue generation can be significantly increased in order to operate successfully as a hotel.

With an early booking reduction Seasonal advertising campaigns can be implemented in combination with e-mail marketing to draw attention to special offers. It is particularly relevant to develop concepts to maintain revenues whenever possible during periods of low sales.

5. Direct Marketing

Direct marketing enables hotel chains to make direct contact. In this respect, there is a wide variety of options for implementing direct marketing advertising campaigns. It is important to clearly define the target group. This then makes it possible to develop concepts that are tailored to a specific need or target group.

The aim of this marketing strategy is to address new or existing customers directly in order to create incentives so that, for example, a purchase is made. It can be implemented using both analog and digital media. These can be advertising flyers sent by mail. But e-mails can also be used to address customers directly.

Conclusion on digital marketing

There are many ways for a hotel to integrate digital marketing into an advertising campaign. Numerous companies are digitizing their processes, which is why it is crucial to pay closer attention to the topic of digital marketing. The future is digital and companies will have to take action sooner or later. Away from competitiveness, it mainly benefits sales strength. Effective strategies help to reach new milestones and with clycbird digital marketing becomes a snap.