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What is the added value we provide?

of Céline Clément – 1.02.2022

What is the added value we provide?
Online marketing is becoming more and more important in today's world, where much focuses on digitalization. Every successful company relies on digital advertising. The added value of it? Customers from all over the world are addressed quickly and specifically, bookings are made more easily and without spending a lot of time, and reviews help to gain the trust of new customers. We at clycbird offer you the implementation of this digital advertising - simple, fast and cost-effective.

Your added value

Set up campaigns; usually this takes a lot of time and is tedious work. What do I want to write? Which pictures can I use and how? And what about the metadata that I have to define in the backend so that the advertising reaches the right target group? If you've often had to deal with questions like these, you've come to the right place. In a nutshell, we take care of all the time-consuming aspects of your desired campaign. Your only task is to define the key points for the campaign using our clycbird marketing tool and communicate them to us. The rest, i.e. the testing and professional implementation for your desired channel, is done by us. Easy, no?

Why it is worth it

More than 2 billion people worldwide have access to the Internet and use it every day. The digital age in which we live awakens in people the need to access diverse information from anywhere. I could google this and buy that. Or should I compare prices and then order from another supplier? Oh, and here again are three emails from travel providers offering cheaper vacations. But I actually wanted to check my Instagram and reply to any messages. And yet another advertisement pops up, distracting me from the actual plan. There it is, the enormous digital world. It's no coincidence that it offers an incredible number of platforms for marketing. And that's where clycbird comes in. With our help, your ads will reach the right customers fast and efficiently. In addition, material costs, as is the case with print media, are eliminated. clycbird also saves you agency costs and sets up an effective campaign without a lot of blah-blah.

Try it out!

Do you still only have a few reservations for the monthly Sunday brunch at the end of the month? Then don't waste time, use our tool and we'll place your digital ad to attract more guests for your tasty brunch. Or do you want to promote a special Easter package for your wellness hotel? Let us know and within a few days your campaign will be live. Or just click through out of curiosity; clycbird makes your ad fly!