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Version 1.0

of Dominic Müller – 24.01.2022

Version 1.0

clycbird - Version 1.0

clycbird was officially founded in October 2021 by the three founders Céline Clément, Dominic Müller and Aaron Andenmatten. We are a startup in the field of marketing automation, specifically in digital marketing.

clycbird enables SMEs and startups to easily create high-quality campaigns. Clients are guided through a short briefing where they enter all relevant information for the campaign creation. We then optimise this data and set it up on the correct platform so that the client can achieve the best possible results - so simple.

We started clycbird with version 1.0, which is the so-called MVP (minimum viable product) that we created for the launch. This means that the tool is far from finished, but should continue to develop with the feedback of our customers. The aim is to make clycbird the best possible digital marketing tool that brings the best benefits.

Are you unsure whether clycbird is right for your company? Contact us via the form on the website, or send an email to and we will help you with your questions.