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How it works

With clycbird you have the opportunity to advertise effectively and professionally on social media and Google. The following steps explain how it works: SIMPLE, FAST and WITHOUT ANY KNOW-HOW.

The Platform

Campaigns can be launched very easily via the clycbird platform. You have an exact overview of all your online campaigns and you can find your ad previews, campaign reports, invoices and more.

This is how easy it is to keep track of all your measures on the various channels.

The clycbird System

The process is designed to deliver quality campaigns in the easiest and fastest way possible. Not just at expensive agency rates that only larger companies can afford, but for any budget.


You enter a campaign

Increase_clycbirdYour campaign is programmed and optimised

Rocket_clycbirdYour advertising is live

Reporting_clycbirdAt the end you receive a report

In the following steps you can create your advertising campaign in a few minutes.

Name, budget & campaign period

Give your campaign a suitable name, set a budget and define the campaign period.

Your goals? Which platform?

There are various options available to you, but you can also let clycbird decide.

Interests of your target group

What interests characterise your target group? A few short keywords are enough!

Where do you want to advertise?

You can specify where you want your ad to be shown: In a city, region or even country.

Image/video, text & link

The final details for your successful ad.

On these channels you can advertise

clycbird selects the most suitable system for your advertising. The following platforms are possible:

  • Google
  • Meta (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok

Some channels are better suited for specific audiences or types of ads. You can provide information about your accounts in your clycbird-login. When you place your first order with clycbird, we will do a one-time short set-up with you so that you can quickly and easily create campaigns in the future.

Implemented by experts

After you have entered the campaign, it will be optimised and implemented by a social media or digital marketing expert. This way you have the guarantee that your campaign will be a success.

Still have a question? Our FAQ may be able to answer it for you.

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